Corey Fleming

(Director / Editor)

Coreys interest in film started at a very young age. In his youth days he was interested in documenting the life and antics of his family, friends and the world around him. He picked up the family camera and started making short films using family and mates with a particular interest in skateboarding and stunts. Since then he has followed his love for directing and editing, moving into genres that have influenced and affected him. He progressed into working on various TV productions, music videos and filmed many other forms of media. Corey went on to win audience favorite at the Big Mountain shorts in 2008, and has worked with artists such as Blindspott, Laybaq , Watercolors and many other established and up and coming New Zealand bands. With influences from Michel Gondry to David lynch he creates the most unique videos he can within the available budget, and strives to make his own personal mark in the film industry and to stand out from the rest.

Richard Allan Litt

(Producer / Director)

Richard got hold of a camera at an early age of ten; his enthusiasm from then on began to expand. He experimented with angles, lights and colours to determine the boundaries of exposure and composition. After finishing film school and completing a photography course he devoted himself to his passion. His goal is to express the aesthetic visual into a story. He also enjoys the writing and editing aspects of film, and has worked on various music videos alongside Corey as well as working in short films and different TV series such as Spartacus and Power Rangers. His experience within the film industry; both in front and behind the camera have given a unique insight into all aspects of film. With his devotion to his passion for film he has become increasingly driven and become more dedicated to his goal.

Lukas Lo

(Web Developer / Production Manager)

Lukas Lo is experienced and educated in Business management and has over 5 years’ experience. He has also studied Digital Media in web-development in CSS and HTML, including A+ Microsoft Windows. He has worked for the company Red Badge and Fresh Talent on numerous Ads, Films and various TV Series; working on set and outside the studio, he gained many experiences during this time, exposing him to how the film industry works in New Zealand. His goal is to deliver the best outcome for the development of the business.

Gareth Fleming

(Audio Engineer)

At an early age, Gareth discovered a an unwavering passion for music and has continued to follow this path throughout the years. In 1997, Gareth co-founded one of New Zealands biggest rock / metal heavyweights Blindspott. Blindspotts' debut album went on to achieve triple platinum sales and also gave Blindspott their first gold single "Phlex". After leaving Blindspott Gareth continued to pursue music and played for various New Zealand acts such as Forever Now and The Kingsland Boom Society. Gareth has been involved in heavily music production and continues to write and produce a large amount of solo work. Gareth also co-founded and continues to play for one of New Zealands biggest rock / metal acts Blacklistt. He has a passion for all styles and genres of music and for sound design.

Herman Robert Litt

(3d artist / Animator)

From a young age Herman was inspired by the 3D game Metal Gear Solid, this sparked an interest for Herman to learn 3D artistry and animation. He carried out a 1 year course in 2D classical animation then 1 year of 3D animation and VFX, and is on an ongoing training into 3D character animation. Herman is expanding more of this knowledge into Designing, Modeling, Shading, Light and rendering as well as 3D animation and pre-visualization. Specializing in 3D animation and modeling his vision is to create the unexpected visual norm. Herman’s major inspirations have come from his love of comic books, films, video games, and martial arts.

Imeleta Kellett

(Makeup Artist)

Imeleta started out with a keen interest in hair and makeup. She began by helping out friends and family with makeup for special occasions such as weddings and school ball events, eventually word got round of her talent and she started getting requests from people for her skills. She decided that since she enjoyed it so much that she would go on to formalize it on paper and is now a qualified and experienced makeup artist. She was chosen as runner up by top MAC makeup artist Amber. D, for her outstanding work. She has worked on advertisements for a Japanese company with 450 extras and has also worked doing makeup at New Zealand Fashion week. She is extremely passionate and has a natural flare for makeup.

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